Policy Director

Website https://twitter.com/TheCoalitionSF Coalition on Homelessness- San Francisco

Job Title: Communications & Policy Director

Reports to: Executive Director

Annual Salary: Full time: 40 hours per week ($54,080 – $56,576

annually) Full health and dental benefits and generous vacation


The San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness, (COH), is a

small, scrappy, loving organization with a long history of

accomplishments and an office that opens its doors to unhoused

San Franciscans. The Coalition on Homelessness, San Francisco

was organized in 1987 to garner the active participation of poor

people and front line staff on the design, critique and

implementation of public policy and services that result in

permanent solutions to poverty. It is a unique organization

who’s driving force is low income and homeless people, working

in every aspect of the organization, from the volunteers and the

staff to the leadership body. The CoH is home to the Street

Sheet Newspaper, two community organizing workgroups, the

Our City Our Home Coalition, and various other projects and

campaigns. While many organizations doing work with

homelessness are primarily direct service organizations, our

primary goal is systemic change through building power.

The Coalition on Homelessness Communications and Policy

Director position is an exciting position that oversees our public

policy stances, media and communications work. Homelessness

has become a more visible and more contested issue in San

Francisco, and the Policy Director will play a central role in

elevating the voices of those who are experiencing

homelessness. The ideal candidate for this job possesses a high

level of social media, communication and policy analysis skills,

as well as a deep understanding of the issues we hope to impact.


Social Media and Communications 50%

• Give technical assistance with maximizing messaging and social media  impact.

• Draft media work product including articles, graphics, opinion editorials, press  releases, social media tool kits and other items as needed that reflect on  campaign goals, and other issues related to systemic change goals in our  organization.

• Oversee media work from our working groups, managing collective core  messaging goals, and bottom line approval and uploading of social media  content.

• Bottomline organization communications work in collaboration with other staff  during monthly meetings,

• Foster, develop, and maintain relationships with media including  journalists and TV presenters, field media requests and assign to

appropriate staff.

Policy Work 30%

• Facilitate the development of organization stances, including  deconstructing policy into papers that are easily digestible, analyzing pros and  cons, gathering input and developing consensus on position.

• Develop detailed knowledge of and conduct research and track a variety  of governmental homeless, housing, shelter and criminal justice regulations  that impact our work including SFHA ACOP, City budget process, San  Francisco legislation as well as major state and federal legislation.

• Draft fact sheets, position papers, reports, other items as needed to  reflect projects goals with regards to institutional change after collecting  input from stakeholders and impacted community members.

• Brief staff and members on pending legislation, ensure well informed body that  can weigh in, track recommended amendments from staff and members.  • Develop policy that moves us towards addressing homelessness and human  rights abuses based on input from unhoused community members and front  line staff

• Develop and maintain relationships with elected officials, city department  representative while ensuring we are holding them accountable.

• Schedule meetings with city departments, policy makers and elected officials,  ensure presence of impacted community members, design agendas and prep  meeting attendees.

• Ensure our positions upholds our values and principles;

Leadership Development and Training 20%

• Oversee Professional Development of staff through ensuring peer to peer  evaluations are taking place, coaching staff on goal setting, helping identify  training needs of staff.

• Providing technical assistance with policy work support to five organizing  staff, and workgroups, including alliance building.

• Leadership development of staff and unhoused members by holding in house  trainings on existing regulations and impact on homelessness issues as needed,  bringing in trainers and connecting to external trainings.

• Other duties as assigned.

Minimum Qualifications

• Familiarity with homelessness in San Francisco, and willingness and ability to  engage daily with diverse communities.

• Good writing skills.

• Knowledge of grassroots organizing methods.

• Macintosh computer literate and knowledge of word processing. • Must have the ability to juggle multiple projects, and have a great deal  of self initiative.

Preference will be given to San Francisco residents who have personally  experienced poverty and homelessness. People of color and others who  have experienced social oppression are encouraged to apply.

Internal Applicants send résumé and cover letter to


To apply for this job email your details to jfriedenbach@cohsf.org