Organizer, Equitable Economic Development

Website Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development

The Association for Neighborhood & Housing Development (ANHD) is one of NYC’s leading policy/advocacy organizations on housing and economic development. We are a member-association of 80+ neighborhood-based affordable housing and community development groups. Join us and together we will Build. Community. Power.

ANHD’s values are the foundation of the work that we do, and we are deeply committed to the importance of movement-building in pursuit of the justice, equity and opportunity that Black, Indigenous, People of Color, and marginalized communities deserve.

This is an excellent opportunity to lead campaigns that will place you at the center of NYC’s innovative housing and economic justice movements. Traditional economic development emphasizes investment in places over investment in people. It has focused simply on expanding the tax base instead of explicitly creating economic opportunity for marginalized communities. Equitable economic development empowers low-income communities, immigrant communities, and communities of color in accessing good jobs and stable neighborhoods. Currently ANHD’s Equitable Economic Development work is focused on ending small business displacement and preserving space for high-paying industrial and manufacturing jobs. The person in this position, especially at a senior level, will play a key role in helping to further develop and execute a long term vision for ANHD’s Equitable Economic Development work.


• Coordinate 1-2 coalitions or committees of ANHD members and allied organizations o Engage ANHD member organizations in coalition work, and ensure that ANHD’s campaigns are reflective of our member organizations’ priorities.

o Facilitate coalition processes for campaign strategy development and execution, including prioritization, power and landscape analyses, escalating tactics, etc.

o Work with members, allies, and ANHD policy staff to develop creative and impactful policy and legislative agendas reflective of each coalition or campaign’s goals.

o Work with ANHD’s communications staff to develop and implement strategic press, social media, and other communications strategies suited to each campaign or coalition.

o With coalition members, plan and carry out actions such as rallies, press conferences, speak-outs, banner-drops, petition drives, etc.

o Along with ANHD policy staff and coalition members, develop and execute lobbying campaigns, and build relationships with key legislators, policy-makers, governmentofficials, and other relevant stakeholders.

o Support leadership development opportunities for ANHD member organizations’ staff and grassroots community members in campaign and coalition spaces.

• Represent ANHD publicly and in movement spaces o o

Speak or testify at hearings, on panels, at press conferences, and in other public forums relevant your campaigns.

Attend and represent ANHD at meetings, calls, conferences and events to support ANHD members and movement allies, and contribute to relevant campaigns or coalitions led by allied organizations.

• Contribute to ANHD all-staff and Organizing Team work o Participate in ANHD Organizing and Advocacy Team meetings, and collaborate with fellow organizers to ensure strong and consistent campaign work and to build power for ANHD and our members across all our coalitions and committees.

o Participate in staff meetings, work planning processes, slack channels, etc to ensure internal collaboration.

• Contribute to ANHD’s training and capacity-building work o Work with ANHD capacity-building staff to ensure that trainings and capacity building programs align with campaign needs and power-building strategies, and that campaigns support broader capacity-building goals.


• 3-7 years of organizing and/or advocacy experience in community organizing, labor, housing, economic justice, or related fields. Some experience with coalition coordination or grass-tops advocacy models is required.

• Experience leading issue-based policy and legislative campaigns. Familiarity with economic development and/or economic justice landscape strongly preferred.

• Excellent strategic thinking skills, including the ability to develop and advance long term campaign goals, and maintain momentum towards strategic priorities while being responsive to new developments and crises.

• Ability to effectively manage and advance your work within a highly collaborative environment.

• Strong written and verbal communication skills.

• Ability to develop and maintain strong relationships with a wide variety of stakeholders and partners, including tenant leaders, community organizers, housing developers, policy experts, elected officials, agency staff, etc.

• Commitment to New York City’s neighborhoods, respect for not-for-profit community-based organizations, and a belief in grassroots organizing as a method of building power to address systemic inequality and injustice.

• Commitment to racial equity, and comfort applying a racial equity lens to policy and advocacy work as well as to interpersonal professional interactions and relationships.

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