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Carrying the nation’s leading progressive training institute into its next forty years.

As we began planning for our 40th Anniversary, we naturally turned to our alumni for their ideas and assistance.  We shared stories and food, and discussed what the Academy had meant to them and their organizations over the years.  It was out of this process that the Carry It On Campaign came to life.  Midwest Academy alumni who are now working in the environmental movement, the labor movement, the civil rights movement, the donor community and so many other places, told us that they owed so much of what they had been able to do, and so much of who they had become, to the training and lifelong friends and colleagues they had found through the  Academy.

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Class of 73
First class at Midwest Academy, 1973 

They wanted a way to express what it meant to them, and to make sure that the same opportunity is available to current and future generations of activists.  The alumni proposed to us that we should have a monthly donor program, and helped come up with the name, the Carry It On Campaign.  Please join them in helping to sustain the work of the Midwest Academy for the next forty years as we work to build the world we envision, with justice, jobs and dignity for all.                                                                

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