Inspired by #RedforEd? Shout it out!

Photo by Chris Dorst, Gazette-Mail

Now, thank the teachers themselves — we’ll scroll the answers at our Academy Awards ceremony on December 10th, 2018, and give them to the teachers’ representatives.

    Note: this means they could also end up on our flickr, Facebook, or other social media or promotional materials.  You can stay anonymous if you wish!


    Need more inspiration for your scholarship-specific donation? Some recent “Aha!” moments from graduates of our 5-day Organizing for Social Change training:

    • Everything I do should build power of some kind; I haven’t been thinking that way, but now I will.
    • You don’t win just by being right. We have done lots of research, and we are not winning. This training is paradigm shifting.
    • I have no college education, but what I learned here is priceless, and I know it will amp up my work to a whole new level.
    • Everyone here brought their own self to the table, I had no fear of asking questions, no one is judging me, I could be open, and I appreciate it.
    • We don’t want to fight fires, we want to be strategic and win. I feel empowered and ready.


    A special shout out to our friends at WV Education Association and AFT-WV!