Project Director, Advancing Equity Through Public Safety

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Project Director, Advancing Equity Through Public Safety


The Village of Arts and Humanities is seeking a highly motivated and talented candidate to serve as Project Director for “Advancing Equity Through Public Safety,” an initiative to address the harms of policing and cultivate community safety outside the criminal legal system.

The Project Director will build upon the groundwork laid by Village leadership, staff, and the Project Steering Committee during 2020- present to engage community residents in building or adopting alternatives to policing that reduce violent crime in Fairhill-Hartranft.

The Project Director will enter this project as the Steering Committee (comprising community leaders, stakeholders, and other experts) finalizes a plan to invest at least ~$750k in these community-oriented strategies and tactics to improve safety and reduce violent activity.

Advancing Equity through Public Safety seeks to impact four objectives: (1) Build community power to inform, design, and drive positive change; (2) Invest in innovative and evidence-based alternatives to law enforcement that reduce violent crime; (3) Reduce social and economic drivers of crime through increasing economic opportunities and providing effective youth development and post-incarceration reentry programs; (4) Foster a physical environment that discourages violent activity and promotes community cohesion and trust and spurs equitable neighborhood revitalization.

This position affords the selected candidate the tremendous opportunity to advance in both administrative and programmatic non-profit work by positioning them to work directly with Village Leadership, Board Members, community members, and institutional partners on a high-profile project with tangible results.

This Project Director position requires a flexible and professional individual who is resourceful and can work independently to complete assigned tasks and projects. We’re looking for a fast learner who is excited about being part of a dynamic team of designers, activists, organizers, educators, and community developers. This individual will gain invaluable experience in the connected fields of community organizing, art and equitable community development, and social justice while serving the Fairhill-Hartranft neighborhood of Philadelphia.


Reports to: Executive Director


Design and Engagement

Plan, coordinate, and facilitate regular meetings of the Fairhill-Hartranft Public Safety Committee to design and implement project goals, objectives, and strategies

Coordinate and facilitate meetings between The Village and project consultants

Develop and implement collaborative community events and forums alongside Steering Committee in order to gather and share project-related information

Serve as liaison between residents, partners, city agencies, and other stakeholders

Establish and maintain strong partnerships with local groups of community-based organizations and service providers on an ongoing basis.


Mobilize residents to design, drive, and/or participate in community safety strategies outside the criminal legal system

Plan and ensure successful implementation of strategies and tactics proposed by the Steering Committee

Work with research team to document outcomes related to implementation plan strategies and tactics

Identify other potential public and private entities for participation and support of the strategic interventions developed in order to maximize resources and build sustainability of the program.

Document and publicize neighborhood safety achievements to build confidence and buy-in among program partners.

Grant Management

Coordinate program activities as outlined in grant proposal to successfully fulfill the goals, objectives, and strategies during the 3-year award period, including:

Managing day-to-day tasks and activities during the remaining planning and implementation phases of the project

Collecting required data to be used to monitor, improve, and evaluate program performance

Facilitating the activities of research partners and their data collection and analysis and monitoring strategy implementation and achievement of goals and objectives

Work effectively with the research partner to manage a process to analyze data to evaluate program interventions throughout the initiative and to evaluate the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity throughout the three-year program

Participate in periodic meetings with the project advisory committee to review progress in coordinating, developing and implementation of program strategy.

Compile and maintain a calendar of events, database of participants, and administrative records and reports.

Prepare and maintain documentation as required by the Department of Justice, including, but not limited to, meeting minutes, progress and final reports, and expenses.

Obtain outcome reports, expenditure documentation, and other documents as needed from community collaborators and research institutions.

Maintains expenses and monitors invoices related to the program.

Provide periodic reports and briefing papers for all partners on the implementation of the project.



At least five (5) years of professional experience in project and grant management

Experience cultivating community safety outside the criminal legal system

Experience working with and in extremely low-income communities

Familiarity with arts-based community development and/or cultural organizing

Experience and interest in both ground level and systems-based efforts to advance Human Justice

Group facilitation skills

Strong interpersonal and communication skills (verbal and written)

Strong administrative, time, and task management skills

Must be able to work flexible hours and have reliable transportation

Passion for promoting social and economic justice for marginalized individuals and communities


Bachelor’s degree in social science or related field

Experience working in and with communities to address harms of policing

Knowledge of Philadelphia-based resources and agencies

Proficiency with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint or GSuite equivalents

Good analytical, negotiation, and problem-solving skills

Ability to work with a diverse group of people and experience in building and maintaining relationships in the community

Highly motivated and independent; but also able to work as part of a team

Understanding of abolitionist frameworks

Strong communication skills and “emotional intelligence”

Positive attitude and ability to work in a team

Willing to give and take constructive criticism

Adept at agile listening

Familiar with and capable of using inclusive language, terminology, and behaviors


This is a Full-time position that provides opportunities for both remote and in-person engagement.

The FT salary range for this position (40 hours per week) is $68k – $75k per year.

The Village offers a competitive benefits package, including 100% employer-paid health benefits, generous PTO, and maximum flexibility to promote mental and physical health.

The Village will consider reimbursement for costs to relocate from out-of-state to Philadelphia.

Position start date: June 1, 2023

Application Process:

All candidates should submit a Resume and Cover Letter that shares:

A) Your approach to community safety and perspectives on what makes a community safe

B) Your experience working with trauma-impacted people and/or youth to with the subject line “Advancing Equity Through Public Safety: [NAME]” by March 13, 2023.

To apply for this job email your details to